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AM/FM Radios / Turntables / iPod Docking Stations



This turntable plays 33, 45 and 78 speed records and can record them directly to USB memory stick or SD card! No computer required. Built-in AM/FM radio and CD player. We also have a model that records directly to CD.

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SR-L250i Clock Radio with iPod Docking

iPod docking station

A really nice sounding clock radio that has a docking station so you can wake up to your iPod or the radio.

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Sangean DT400VX Pocket AM/FM/Weather Radio with Alert

pocket radio with weather band AM/FM pocket radio with NOAA weather channels and weather alert function.

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Sangean RCR5 Clock Radio

clock radioThe RCR5 has deluxe features found on Sangean's popular atomic clock radios but does not have the atomic clock function. Aux input for portable CD or MP3 player. More info


wifi radioPick up streaming audio from the internet without a computer. All you need is a WiFi or ethernet connection to listen to radio stations from around the world! Plays MP3's and WMA files from your computer's shared folders too!

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Sangean WR3 Desktop Stereo System

high end table top radioThis beautiful radio features incredibly rich audio at a fraction of the price of similar radios. AM/FM plus CD and USB/SD MP3 player. More info

Amateur Radio

PALSTARDL2K 1.8 to 30MHz 2000 Watt Maximum Dummy Load

220 MHz Transceiver

One eHam.net user wrote: “Best high power dummy load on the market today. No other company comes close to building a reliable, safe, high power dummy load.”

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PALSTARZM30 1 - 30MHz SWR Analyzer

swr analyzer

Displays SWR & R+/-JX at frequencies from 1 MHz - 30 MHz in 10Hz Steps

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PALSTARDL1500 1.8 to 500MHz 1500 Watt Dummy Load

hf to 500 hMHz dummy load

Handles up to 1500W and provides low SWR to 500 MHz without using oil.

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high pass interference filter

Use this filter to prevent HF transmitters such as amateur radios and CB radios from interfering with your TV. More info

Cushcraft AR450

uhf ringo antenna

The AR450 is not a new product for Cushcraft. We just added it recently due to the overwhelming demand for this product.

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2008/2009 Repeater Guide

ARRL repeater directory

NEW handy indexing tabs on the cover so you can quickly find the listings you're looking for!

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Alinco DR06T

6 meter FM transceiver

Alinco DR-06T 50 Watt 6 Meter Mobile Amateur Transceiver.

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Heil Proset Plus IC

heil headset for icom

Heil Headset for Icom Transceivers with IC Condenser and HC4 Elements

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WCS-7000 Software


The WCS-7000 software programming kit for Icom IC-7000 is now available. Includes DB-9 cable.

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CLRDSP - Clearspeech Noise Reduction Speaker

processor controlled noise reduction speaker

The CLRdsp is a outboard processor unit with ClearSpeech® adaptive noise reduction circuit and audio amplifier.

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RigRunner Series

power bar DC

Get your shack organized with one of these DC power distribution boxes. Several different models to choose from. More info

Rigblaster Series


Due to popular demand, we have started carrying the RigBlaster series. If you have never used any of the digital modes, why not check out the RigBlaster products at the link below. More info

AD35M - UHF Male to 3/8-24

RF adapter

This adapter allows you to use your UHF (M) style mount with 3/8-24 antennas

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crimp tool

High performance custom Powerpole crimp tool for a reasonable price.

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FR-1000 AM/FM/Weather Receiver and GMRS Radio Transceiver

emergency radio with GMRS AM/FM radio and GMRS transceiver plus a built-in flashlight, cell-phone charger and access to weather channels to prepare you for any emergency situation.

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Motorola SX900 GMRS Two Way Radios

motorola GMRSMotorola's latest offering with all the bells and whistles. Even has USB charging.

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Marine Batteries

Icom M304 Fixed Mount VHF Marine

fixed mount marine transceiver This full-featured transceiver is compact and submersible:Equivalent to IPX7 (1m depth for 30 minutes, except cables). Best of all, it's priced at a fraction of what you'd pay for a radio like this just a few years ago.

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New Technology Imedion Batteries

imedion batteriesRechargeable batteries that can be stored for an extended period of time without substantial loss of power.

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G4 Shortwave with MP3 Recorder

shortwave radio with MP3 player built in You can record directly "off the air" or from an external sound source via the microphone. Stores Mp3's on a SD card.

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Grundig G6 Aviator Air Band AM/FM/Shortwave SSB

G6 Aviator radio All we can say is Wow! You get an incredible number of features for a very low price. If you are an avionics fan you already know how few radios cover this band. Normally you'd have to buy a scanner for this frequency coverage. This is sure to be a hit with hams, swl's and avionics fans alike.

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GM300B Mini AM/FM/Shortwave

mini shortwave receiver A compact size for travelers who like to stay informed yet travel light.

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FR-500 Emergency Radio with Shortwave

desktop weather alert radio It functions as an AM, FM, and shortwave radio with weatherband. It also has a flashlight, an emergency beacon, and an emergency siren. Plus, you can use it to charge your cell phone or MP3 player.

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GPS Receivers

New Garmin Colorado Series

colorado GPS Garmin's newest series is ideal for the outdoorsman. All units in this series feature a Rock ‘n Roller input wheel for easy one-handed operation. Some models have preloaded maps and all accept SD cards for all your outdoor activities on land or water. Just take your pick from Garmin’s preprogrammed SD cards including street maps, topographic maps, coastal charts or inland lake data. More info

Garmin Nuvi 5000

nuvi GPSThis super-sized navigator is designed for RV and truck drivers and gives a big picture of the route ahead without obstructing your view. It features a whopping 5.2 inch display, preloaded maps, an FM transmitter and lots of entertainment features for fun on the open road. More info


Emergency Self Powered Radios

FR-150 AM/FM/Weather + Flashlight

FR150 eton Eton gives some incredible features for a really low price. You get AM/FM and Weather Band in a crank up radio that can also be charged by sunlight using the built-in solar panel. Add to that a built-in flashlight and an emergency power source for your cell phone and you have a great addition to your emergency kit for only $29.95

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FR-500 AM/FM/SW + Weather

fr500 wind-up shortwave It functions as an AM, FM, and shortwave radio with weatherband. It also has a flashlight, an emergency beacon, and an emergency siren. Plus, you can use it to charge your cell phone or MP3 player.

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