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What's New at Durham Radio - October 1st, 2015

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Amateur Radio

Baofeng UV5R7W Dual Band HT

Baofeng uv5r7wNeed a little more range from your HT? The UV5R provides up to 7W on 2m and 70cm. These radios are loaded with features for a super-low price!

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Jetstream G5RV

G5RV antennaThe JTG5RV is a well-constructed version of the famous G5RV. Covers 10 - 80 metres with tuner. Includes 100' of rope.

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30A Supply with LCD V/A Readout

jetstream powersupply with LCD displayThe Jetstream JTPS30LCD adjustable power supply provides from 9 to 15 VDC at 25 amps (30 amps surge). There is a digital LCD meter that can selectively display voltage or amperage.

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Programming Software for FTM-400

programming software and  cable for FTM-400Includes Micro SD Card and Reader

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NMO Mount Cable and Connector

nmo mount with coaxOpek AM 207A Cable 3/4 inch NMO one end and PL259 on the other. 14' RG58AU coax.

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SO-239 or NMO Stainless Antenna Mount

stainless right angle mountThe OPEK AM-403 stainless steel fits UHF (SO-239) and NMO connections. See more info for dimensions.

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Tri-Band Ducky Antenna 146/220/440MHz

tri band Ducky for amateur radioUse the Jetstream JT776-SMA with dual or triple-band VHF & UHF hand-held radios that include extended receive and with general purpose scanners with female SMA connectors.

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Flexible Dual Band Antenna with BNC

dual band flexible duckyThe Opek HR-603VUBNC is thin and flexible with gain on UHF!

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ARRL World War II Radio Heroes

ARRL world war II heroesThis book features more than 30 letters and postcards sent to the author’s family in 1943, notifying them of her grandfather’s capture and status as a prisoner of war.

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Anderson Powerpole Housings Green/White

powerpole casing in green and white Make your non-standard powerpole cable configurations easy to identify by using a green and/or white housing.

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Triple 5" Magnets with 3/8-24 Mount

triple magnet with coaxial cable.The Jetstream JT-GL300T easily holds 8-foot "ham stick" style antennas or a 102" stainless steel whip.

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Yaesu Lapel Speaker Mic

yaesu/vertex mount.The Yaesu SS-M57A lapel speaker mic replaces model MH-37A4B and can be used with the following radios. FT10R/FT40R/FT50R/FT60R
/FT250R/VX1R/VX5R/VX110/VX150 & VX8GR

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HF Transceiver Connector

DC power plug for HFThe KW2000A fits most older HF rigs by Icom, Kenwood, Alinco & Yaesu. See product page for detailed image of connector.

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RCI Power Cord Connector

Ranger DC power cord.Fits most Galaxy, Ranger and RCI high power transceivers. This connector is not interchangeable with the KW2000A.

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Sangean ATS-405 AM/FM/Shortwave

Sangean ATS405A lot of great features in a nice, compact radio that's affordable and perfect for travel, anywhere in the world! Features 108 station presets, wide / narrow filter selection, full shortwave coverage, alarm with sleep timer and much more!

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Right Angle Pal RF Adapters

PAL RF adapterNeed to convert from PAL to "F" connector? We have the adapters! PAL is commonly used in European TV and Shortwave Radios.

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CB Radio

PTQD1 Quick Disconnect

HD quick disconnectThe strongest quick disconnect we have ever seen. Internal locking design holds even the biggest mobile antennas!

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MT56B Noise Cancelling Trucker Mic

Trucker MicThis directional mic virtually eliminates all background noise. Has a slightly smoother frequency response than the original Turner RK56.

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Centre Loaded Open Coil CB Antenna

open coil CB antennaThe TS2500S is perfect for trucks where antennas with low mounted coils would not work due to close-by metal objects such as the vehicles roof or back-up lights.

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Firestik Antennas

Firestik CB antennasWe are now stocking 4 and 5 foot FireStik antennas..They're not only well made and good performers, but you also support our friends south of the border with your purchase! 100% American made with 100% American materials.

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Heavy Duty Crimp Tool

heavy duty crimp tool for RG6The Mode 84-158-1 is a professional quality crimp tool that works with many of the most popular brands of RG6 compression type connectors.

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Converter Box with USB Recording

ATSC converter boxThe Proscan PAT102-B allows your old TV with Analog tuner to receive digital over-the-air HD signals and record programs to USB!

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RG6 Coaxial Crimping

compression toolThe HV5085B can be used with "F", RCA & BNC compression type connectors like the DGA-6089 connector shown at right.

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Compression connector for RG6 Cable

compression connectorUse the DGA-6089 compression type connector with the tool shown on the left for a reliable connection.

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TV Antenna Balun Matching Transformer

TV coax balun75/300 Ohm matching transformer with weather tight boot. Converts 300 Ohm UHF/VHF/FM twin-lead input to 75 Ohm coaxial cable output to components.

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Cable Clips for RG6 or RG59

RG6 coax cable clipsKeep your installation neat and tidy with these clips. Package of 100. Nails are pre-installed on clips.

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3" Wall Mount Stand Off

standoff style wall mount for mast pipeThe Channel Master 9025 is suitable for mast pipes up to 8 feet long. Can be used with FM, TV and small Ham radio antennas.

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18650 Battery

18650 batteryRechargeable 3.7 Volt 4200mAh Lithium Ion Battery

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DLP-1033 1.3mm Right Angle Power Cord

lighter plug power cord.This power cord comes with a lighter plug on one end and a 1.3mm DC barrel plug on the other. Fits many portable scanners, CB radios, amateur gear and more. The cord is centre positive and is NOT filtered or regulated.

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Coax Seal Bulk

coax seal in bulkA space age plastic material which will quickly and effectively seal all types of coax fittings. Stays flexible at any temperature, extends the life of your coax. Receive 25% more coax seal compared to buying two of the standard 60" rolls.

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Subscriber Specials

Subscriber-Only Hidden Link Deals

Order directly from the hidden links below or mention these offers when shopping in person or when you phone in your order. All items (including the subscriber-only specials) are subject to availability and may be limited to stock on hand. 

Subscriber Specials end October 15th, 2015 at midnight or while supplies last! (Whichever comes first.)

Alinco DJG7

Alinco DJG7 This tri-band transceiver gives you sophisticated operation on 2 metres, 440 and 1.2 GHz and all in a compact package. Full duplex operation is supported on any two bands.

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Our Reg Price. $369.95
Subscriber Special: $299.98


UHF antenna 11-element UHF antenna. Use vertically or horizontally. 13.2 dBi gain.

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Our Reg Price. $139.95
Subscriber Special: $122.98

SS-R50 Antenna Mounting Bar for Volvo

perch type bar for volvoThe Procomm SS-R50 stainless steel bird perch threads into a pre-existing hole in newer Volvo truck mirror arm assemblies. Accepts a standard 3-way mirror mount for easy CB or amateur antenna installation.

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Our Reg Price. $12.95
Subscriber Special: $7.98

AR-270B Dual Band Vertical

dural band vertical base antenna The Cushcraft classic AR-270B is well built to last and is designed for excellent performance. 5.5/7.5 dBi gain.

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Our Reg Price. $229.95
Subscriber Special: $204.98

SRA117A Echo Mic (Battery FREE!)

echo micThis mic is designed to work with the TR-296F, TR-396F, TR-696F and the TR-900 series. Hidden Link

Our Reg Price. $59.95
Subscriber Special: $44.98

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