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What's New at Durham Radio - October 24th, 2014

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Amateur Radio

Lowest-Priced Dual Band Mobile!

cheap dual band mobile amateur transceiverThe JT270M sells for less than half the price of most dual-band mobiles! 10W output, extended RX, CTCSS/DCS enc/dec, programming software and cable.

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Autotuner for FT450/D/FT950/ FTDX1200/3000

autotuner for FT450 etcThe LDG YT-1200 covers both HF & 6 Metres. Tunes a wide range of impedances and handles up to 100W. It is powered and controlled right from the CAT cable!
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Arduino for Dummies

Arduino for Dummies bookArduino lets you learn about and play with electronics. You'll discover how to build a variety of circuits that can sense or control real-world object. Create your own product!

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Baofeng BL-5 Battery for UV5R

battery for baofengThis is the same battery that is supplied with the UV5R at purchase. For many people it is more convenient to keep a 2nd battery that is the same size as the original.

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Software & Cable for Jetstream JT222M

programming cable and software combo RT Systems programming software and cable for the Jetstream JT222M 220 MHz mobile transceiver.

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Ceramic Insulator Bulk Pack

bulk pack of ceramic insulatorsUse these glazed ceramic insulators for your amateur or shortwave antenna projects. Will not arc over, even under full legal power!

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Affordable Tuneable VHF Mag Mount

single band mag mountThe whip can be cut to cover any freqency between 136 and 174 MHz. The wide bandwidth easily covers the 2 Metre band. Includes coax with PL connector.

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Affordable Dual Band Mag Mount

dual-band mag mount The Opek VU-1510 dual-band mag mount offers good quality for a low price! Covers 2 Metres and 70 cm 0/2.1 dB gain. Includes 14 feet of coax with PL connector attached.

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Crimp-Style PL-259 Connectors

PL259 crimp connectorsStandard PL connectors require excellent soldering skills with a good iron. With our selection of crimp style connectors, basic soldering skills or even no soldering is required for some connections.

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NMO Mirror Mount

NMO mirror mountThe AM302M is perfect for mounting just about any NMO style antenna on a truck mirror arm or any pipe. 4-bolt style allows mounting on vertical or horizontal pipes.

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AM/FM/Shortwave Radios

Tech Tip - Taming Aerosol Can Straws

scanner belt clipIf you use aerosol products that include a plastic straw to direct the spray, you know how easy it is to lose the straw. This normally doesn't happen when you are using the spray but rather when you put the can back on the shelf and the straw hits something and disengages from the spray nozzle. A simple solution to this problem is to glue the straw in place. My favourite glue for this purpose is Goop as it easily forms itself around the straw. A drop of crazy glue should work just as well in most cases. To avoid clogging the straw attach the straw to the nozzle before gluing. Is there anyone else out there who has already been doing this? (BTW, WD40 is well aware of this problem and they even have cans that come with what they call a "smart straw" that folds down when not in use.) Please consider subscribing to our "What's New at Durham Radio" newsletter if you have not already done so. Just go to our web site and you'll see a place to add your email address at the bottom right column.

Eton Mini AM/FM/Shortwave Portable

eton mini shortwaveThis pocket radio covers AM/FM and shortwave broadcast bands and has a built-in clock with alarm and sleep timer.

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Uniden Scanner Belt Clip

scanner belt clipFits numerous Uniden Bearcat handheld scanners. Please have a look at the detailed image on our web site to make sure this is the correct belt clip for your scanner.

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CB Radios

RoadKing RK5640 Trucker CB Radio

RoadKing CB radio Based on a very reliable chassis but has additional features.The front panel USB jack lets you charge your favorite USB device without searching for a free 12V outlet. Includes the famous RK56 noise cancelling microphone.  More Info

Replacement Mic Cord

6-10 mic cordThe MC610A coiled microphone cord extends up to 10 feet. Has five wires plus a shield for the mic line.

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Opek AM602L Ball Mount

ball mountOld-school, high quality mount for 102" stainless whips or hamstick-style antennas. Fits standard 3/8-24 antennas.

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Replacement Shaft for Wilson

10 inch antenna shaft for wilson truckerThe WILSONSHAFT10 fits Wilson 2000 and Wilson 5000 trucker antennas.

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