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What's New at Durham Radio - September 3rd, 2014

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Amateur Radio

Digital Modes with Your HT!

GS8000L Car CamSignalink TNC modems are now available with connectors for the handheld transceivers listed below. The SLUSB series has a built-in high quality sound card so you don't have to mess with sound settings on your computer's built-in sound. You DO NOT have to connect audio cables to your PC sound card.

SLUSBHTW - With connector for Kenwood, Baofeng & Wouxon Handheld Transceivers.

SLUSBHTY - With connector for Yaesu Handheld Transceivers.

Alinco DM330FX 30A Power Supply

30 Amp switching power supplyAlinco has added even more features to their popular DM330 power supply. As with previous models, the DM330FX still features a full 30 Amp output, large, easy-to-read volt/ammeter, spring terminals and a lighter plug jack, plus you now get two USB ports right on the front of your power supply to charge phones or run any device under 2A.

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407817 Double Female SMA for Baofeng

SMA double femaleUse this double female adapter to convert a Baofeng  or most other transceivers with a male antenna port to female for use with standard SMA male antennas.

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mfj269 analyzerCovers 530 kHz to 230 MHz and 415 to 470 MHz. Has SWR & impedance meters, frequency counter, RF signal generator, SWR analyzer, RF resistance and reactance analyzer, coax analyzer, capacitance & inductance meter and more!

More Info  Optional protective case for MFJ269 HERE

Twinlead Transmission Line

twinlead cableCommonly used by hams to make j-pole antennas and other ham related projects. Priced per foot so you only have to buy what you need.

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Keypad Repair

keypad fixUse KEYPADFIX to repair your worn rubber keypad on remote controls and handheld radio keypads. Brush it onto carbon contacts with a cotton swab and let dry overnight for a fast long-lasting repair.

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DM700i Speaker Mic for Icom

speaker mic for icomUses one of the most common two-pin configuratons used in amateur radio. Has a volume control and earphone jack right on the mic!

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MFJ-335BM 5" Magnet NMO

five-inch black mag mount for antennas For medium to large size antennas with NMO threads. Includes coax and PL259 connector.

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AM/FM/Shortwave Radios

Eton Field Portable AM/FM/Shortwave

ston field AM/FM/SW radioReceives AM, FM and complete international shortwave coverage from 1.7 to 30 MHz. Built in digital clock with timer. High sensitivity, strong anti-interference and low background noise circuitry.  More Info

Sangean WR-11SE Wooden AM/FM Radio

wooden tuned port AM/FM radioThis classic-look desktop radio features an accoustically tuned wooden cabinet and a large speaker for rich room-filling sound. Very simple three-button operation.  More Info

CB Radios

Francis Mobile CB Antennas

francis fibreglass antennaRugged fibreglass CB antennas by Francis are now available in Black and White. Choose from 3, 4 or 4.5 foot lengths.

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Wall Plug for Most Cobra Handheld CB's

charger for handheld cb radiosThis plug-in charger is compatible with most Cobra portable CB radios.  

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Night Light with USB Port

USB night lightKeeps your smartphone charged and gives you just the right amount of illumination for nighttime.

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"Hobby-Type Quick Disconnect

low power DC quick disconnect

Use this inexpensive quick disonnect in any application where a light duty quick-disconnect is required. Commonly used in remote control model cars, boats and planes.

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Weatherproof Power Connectors

weatherproof connectorsThese AFFORDABLE locking connectors are available in one, two and five pin configurations. Soft ribbed silicone rubber boots keep all connections free of moisture, dust and dirt.

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Tech Tip


Use our "SkyWhip" telescopic antenna instead of the whip on your homebrew screwdriver antenna for truly exceptional performance when stationary.

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