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What's New at Durham Radio - August 12th, 2014

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Amateur Radio

Baofeng UV5R Dual Band HT

Baofeng UV5RLoaded with features for an EXTREMELY LOW PRICE. A favourite of cheapskate hams everywhere! Check out the product page just to see what people have been talking about! You won't believe how much radio you get for the money!

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UV5R Accessories

Baofeng UV5R accessoriesSpeaker Mic

Software with Cable

Battery Eliminator

X-LargeBattery Pack

Please see the product page and click on the "accessories" tab to see all of the optional accessories.

PowerPole 40-Pack Kits

powerpole connector kitsCustomers have been asking for this for quite a while and we have finally gotten around to making up sets that allow you to make 20 connectors with your choice of contacts.

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President Lincoln II - 10 Metre Mobile

President Lincoln IIThe Lincoln II is the perfect radio for those who want to DX from the vehicle without having a bulky radio or antenna. When the band is open this 30+ Watt radio will be heard loud and clear at less then 1 S-unit below a standard 100W HF rig. Has PL-tones and split frequency operation for working 10 metre repeaters.  More Info

30 Metre 7-foot Mobile Antenna

mfj1630 The MFJ-1630T handles 250 Watts PEP. It's about 7 feet tall fully extended and collapses to 4 feet for easy storage. The top section is a stainless steel whip that can be adjusted for lowest SWR.

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The SkyWhip - A Durham Radio Exclusive

shywhip telescopic whipUse our SkyWhip 16' telescopic antenna on 20, 17,15, 12, 10 or 6 metres without a tuner! Simply adjust the length for the appropriate band. Wide bandwidth and smooth operation. Use one as a vertical or two to make a portable dipole.  More Info

Opek KD-5 Quick Disconnect Set

quick disconnect setAllows you to quickly connect any one of five different antennas to the same mount. Fits all standard 3/8-24 antennas and mounts.

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ARRL #0239 Even More Wire Antenna Classics

wire antenna classics bookThe third volume of the popular Wire Antenna Classics collection gathers the best antenna projects and innovative designs from QST, spanning over 10 years from 2002 through 2013.

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Car Cam and Memory Cards

GS8000L Car Cam

GS8000L Car CamWe just received a small shipment of these cams and they look like they are going to be a winner. They have a crisper HD video than our basic model and have HDMI output right on the unit. Their footprint is also a bit smaller.

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SD/microSD Cards

kingston micro SD with adapterFor the conveneince of our customers we are now stocking Class 10 SD/MicroSD cards for car cams by Kingston and PNY. At the time of printing all stocked memory cards fit all of our car cams.

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CB Radios

New Low-Priced Handheld CB

Uniden PRO-401HH The Uniden PRO-401HH transmits a full 4W and operates on the included DC power cord or nine "AA" rechargeable batteries. (NOT INCLUDED)..

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Stake Hole Mount for 3/8-24 Antennas

Stake Hole MountThe Opek AM-751 stake hole mount works with common 3/8-24 studs making it perfect for mounting CB whips or hamstick-style amateur antennas. Will not scratch your pickup truck! Requires ground connection.   More Info


Ground Wire

Ground WireInsulated 12 Gauge wire for grounding HDTV, CB and amateur radio antennas.

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High Performance VHF/UHF Antenna

VHF/UHF HDTV antennaThe RCA ANT3038R has good gain on the VHF and UHF bands. It will outperform any flat mesh "bow-tie" style antenna on the VHF band making it perfect for channel 9 in Toronto or any other area where some channels might still be on the VHF band.  More Info

Twelve Foot 1.4V HDMI Cable

HDMI cableThe EMHD-1212 HDMI cable is Ethernet & 3D ready. Check out our low price on this item.
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Tech Tip - HDMI Cables

HDMI cables are one of those add-on accessories that big box stores love to upsell you on. The truth is that inexpensive HDMI cables will do the job without a loss in picture quality.  Consumer Reports has this to say about the new HDMI 2.0 specs that are now showing up on new TVs "no matter what a retailer may tell you, there's no such thing as an HDMI 2.0 or Ultra HD cable; any high-speed HDMI cable will do."


Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speakerThe Acoustic Research AWSBT7 weather-resistant wireless speaker allows you to stream music from your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device. 3.5mm jack for your iPod or other non-wireless device too.

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5 Volt DC USB Wall Charger

5V USB jack plugs into AC outlet

CSA Approved! Produces 5V output at a maximum of 1A for charging and running USB devices. Model #681051

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USB lightThis compact LED light is perfect for lighting a laptop keyboard. Just plug it in to any USB power source. Flexible metal gooseneck for precise positioning.

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"AA" Battery Holders

battery holder for "AA" batteries

Perfect for project builders. Holders come with wire leads so it does not require a battery snap. Two and three "AA" holders available.

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