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What's New at Durham Radio - June 5th, 2014

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Amateur Radio

JT222M 50W 220MHz Transceiver

JT222M amateur transceiverThe JT222M features 200 memories, three power levels, CTCSS/DTS Encode/Decode plus tone burst.  Large alphanumeric LCD display and backlit mic.

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Peak Reading SWR/Watt Meter

HF/6m SWR/Power meterThe MFJ-868B covers HF plus 6 metres in 20/200/2000 Watt ranges.

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repeater directory bookNow you have a choice of the traditional mini-book (pocket-sized edition) or a sturdy, spiral-bound desktop version. Android App included - enjoy 12 months of the full version app!

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Comet 38" Dual Band Mobile Ant

sbb5 dual band mobile antennaThe SBB5 features 3/5.5 dBi gain and handles up to 120W. Available with UHF or NMO connection.

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Noise Cancelling Speaker

opek noise cancelling speakerThe Opek 730 has a high frequency cut switch to filter out the part of the audio spectrum that has the most hash noise. The mute switch can be used to attenuate the audio by 8dB without touching the volume control on the radio.

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Understanding Your Antenna Analyzer

antenna analyzer bookGet the most out of your antenna by learning how to use your analyzer to make the proper adjustments for optimum performance.

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AM/FM Radios

C. Crane Senta Forty Headphones

stereo headphonesThese beautiful wood headphones provide accurate, full range audio response and great stereo imaging.

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CWWL Ipod/iPhone Docking Station with Link

docking station by Tivoli Audio"The Connector" universal dock/charger charges your device, plus it has an audio output connection so that you can play it through your Tivoli or other audio system. Includes a remote control that operates both the Connector as well as most iPhone/iPod functions.

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CB Radios

Tunable Mobile Glass Mount CB Antenna

glass mount CB antennaThe Procomm VCBGM glass mount antenna is the perfect antenna for people who do not want a bulky CB antenna on their vehicle. Has a limited range due to its small size. Perfect for travelling in a group where you might like to stay in touch with others in nearby vehicles.

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Kalibur SWR Meter

SWR meter for CBThe AUSWR traditional SWR meter covers 26-30 MHz and handles up to 100W. Includes a 3 foot patch cord!

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JBC1500 "Half Breed" Antenna

base loaded CB antenna fits 3/8-24 mountWe have been carrying this 60" base-loaded antenna under the half-breed name for many years. Fits standard 3/8-24 mounts. Has very little wind load. Whip slides into the coil for SWR adjustment.

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DM502B Amplified Desk Mic

amplified desk mic for amaeur or CB use.This mic is suitable for both amateur and CB radio use. Has a FM/SSB tone switch just like expensive ham mics. Runs on two "AA" batteries.

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Black Plastic PA Horn

public address speakerThe PTPAHB can be used with most CB radios, ham equipment, GPS receivers and two-way radios. Can be used outdoors.

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JBC995H Double Groove Mirror Mount

double groove mirror mountFits traditional truck mirror arms. Comes with 3/8-24 stud for use with most fibreglass CB antennas and some amateur radio antennas.

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Dash Cams

Car Camera Priced Right!

car dvrThis may possibly be a limited time offer. Get a car video camera for only $49.95! Check out the specs on our web site.

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DVR-62 Car DVR

DVR62 car cameraSimilar to the car camera shown on the left but also has HDMI output.

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RV Lifestyle GPS

zumo motorcycle GPSThe Garmin RV760LMT features customized RV routing and includes America’s RV Parks & Services Directory. Comes bundled with the BC20 wireless backup camera.
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Tech Tip

RG6 (TV coax cable) is not the correct impedance for scanners, however the mismatch will not attenuate the signal as much as you might think. This is a good, low-cost alternative to the proper cable if you are on a really tight budget. Make sure the cable is fresh and avoid old RG59 cable especially if you plan to use your antenna above 500 MHz or run more than 30 feet of cable.


Procomm Spider Discone Antenna

spider discone antennaThe SP-800 covers 30-1200 MHz and includes 50 feet of cable with BNC connector.

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Homepatrol AC Adapter

Yaesu FT252This is a replacement adapter for the Homepatrol scanner. Our part number HOMEPATROLPLUG.

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CM7500 OTA Tuner and PVR

pvr for OTA tvRecord your favourite TV programs in HD. Records, pauses and plays back live TV up to 2 hours out of the box without even connecting a hard drive. Dual tuners allow you to record one program while watching another or record two programs at the same time!

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Two-Way TV Antenna Splitter

Yaesu FT252The Recoton DSV50C efficiently splits RF signals up to 2 GHz.

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mfj259cPre-made twelve-foot RG6 patch cables are now in stock and available in black or white.

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Channel Master Chimney Mount

chimney mountThe 3080 comes with two 12-foot straps and fits mast pipes up to 1.5 inch OD.

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AC Power Bar with Surge Protection

bnc to banana post adapterThe Monster Power AV700 features a right angle plug for easy fit behind entertainment units and other tight spaces. Power line and coax line surge protection.

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18650 Rechargeable Battery

lithium Ion battery

Rechargeable 3.7 Volt Lithium Ion battery. Exact fit for the Teksun PL880.

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