What's New at Durham Radio - August 15th, 2013

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Amateur Radio

Jetstream HF Mobile Antenna Packages

set of single band HAM STICKSAvailable exclusively from Durham Radio. Get a set of five HF mobile antennas for one low price. Package also available with 6 metres.

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Comet GP21

1.2GHz vertical antenna A single-piece fiberglass vertical base antenna for the 1.2 GHz amateur band. Impressive 14.9dBi gain!

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split chokesNow you can choose from three different sizes of split chokes. They snap on to standard coax or wrap your power lines through them to reduce RF radiation.

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6 Band HF & VHF Vertical Base Antenna

6 band base antennaThe MFJ-1796 covers 2, 6, 10, 15, 20 & 40 metres yet takes up very little space. Only 12 feet high!

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Triband Ducky Antenna 2M/70cm/1.2GHz

triband ducky by cometThe Comet SH95 is 14.5" long and has gain on all three bands. Can be used as a scanner antenna from 100 - 1200 MHz.

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2M51 6m Quarter Wave

6 metre stainless steel whipThe 2M51 6-metre whip comes with a standard 3/8-24 fitting that mates with a large selection of economical mounts.

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Comet CK-5N4 Cable Assembly

comet cable assemblyThe Comet CK5N4 comes with 16 feet 9 inches of cable that includes 18 inches of RG-188 teflon coax for easy entry from a lip-mount. Mount sold separately. N-connectors both ends.      More Info

Case With Clip For Kenwood THF6A

kenwood protective caseThe SC-51 fits the THF6A with standard battery.

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SMA Female to BNC Female Adapter

RF adapter for amateur antennasSMA connectors continue to gain in popularity due to their size and low loss. This adapter is popular for Amateur Radio use.
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New Alinco Transceiver

rpsma extension cablesWe are just a few weeks away from receiving a shipment of the new DXSR9T which appears to have all of the features of the DXSR8T plus SDR! See product page for special offer!   More Info

CB Radios

JBCSP5 Compact Speaker

mini extension speakerGet sound where you need it with this small but powerful speaker. Just 3 x 3 x 2½ inches.

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Astatic VS4 Extension Speaker

big mouth speaker alternativeSimilar to the JBCSP5 shown to the left. We are carrying several versions of the "Big Mouth" to avoid stock shortages.

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wedge speakerVirtually identical to the popular Vanco SPB8. The wedge fits into really tight spaces.

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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stud

heavy duty stud mountDesigned for the heaviest of CB and Amateur antennas. Standard 3/8-24 mount.

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Double Hinged Scanner Antenna

scanner telescopic whipThe W100RX telescopic antenna covers 25-1300 MHz and is available with BNC or SMA connection. The double hinge allows easy repositioning of the antenna.

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20th anniversary seal

It's our 20th Anniversary and we're celebrating by offering our customers special "Flash Deals" on or about the 20th of each month for the rest of this year. Sign up for our "Flash Deals" by clicking HERE.

DGA 6305 Mast Pipe

mini j-pole21" J-pipe with wall bracket. Perfect for mounting smaller antennas without taking up too much space.

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Combiner for Two TV Antennas

combiner for tv antennasThe DGSCA201 is perfect for situations where two high performance antennas need to be aimed at different stations.

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HDMI Cables

HDMI cables These v1.4 HDMI cables are high quality and priced right. Backwards compatible with older sets using HDMI. Available in 6 and 12 foot lengths. More Info

Black RG6 TV Coax Cable

coaxial cable for HDTV50 foot roll of RG6U coax with "F" connector ends. 60% shield with 100% foil shield to minimize interference.

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Wifi Extension Cables

wifi extensioin cablesExpand the reach of your WiFi network! Our new 15 and 30 foot cables use low-loss LMR195 cable. RP-SMA male one end and RP-SMA female on the other.

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The CC WiFi is Back!

wifi radioTeh CC Wifi wirelessly connects to your internet connection to bring you over 16,000 radio stations from around the world! No computer needed to operate!

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RP TNC Male to RP SMA Female

rptnc adapter rf adapterAnother popular adapter used in WiFi configurations.

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