What's New at Durham Radio - June 21st, 2013

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Amateur Radio

Comet 4.5" Magnet with Cable

comet magnet with cableThe MG 4N mount is a perfect match for the antenna shown to the right. Comes with 16.9 feet of cable with N connector.

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1.2GHz 24" Black Mobile Antenna

amateur antenn1.2GHz aThe comet SBB123 covers 1240-1300MHz and has a huge 7.2dBi gain. Low loss N connection.

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Software and Cable for the Kenwood TS-480

KRS480 software for TS480The KRS480 software with cable allows you to program memories and other setting of the Kenwood TS-480 radio. Basic control functions send channel details instantly to the radio.

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Software and Cable for the Kenwood TS2000

KRS2000 ts2000 software with cableThe KRS2000 software with cable allows you to program memories and other setting of the Kenwood TS-2000 radio. Basic control functions send channel details instantly to the radio.

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6 Pin Mini Din Cable for Yaesu Mobiles

6-pin interface cableThe RT Systems USB29B connects your FT-3000, FT-7100, FT-7800, FT-7900, FT-8000, FT-8100, FT-8500, FT-8800, FT-8900 to PC for programming. Software not included.

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8-Pin Mini Din Programing/Control Cable Yaesu

8-pin din cable for YaesuThe RT Systems USB62B can be used to program the FT817/857/897
or control the FT100/857/857ND/897ND. Software not included.

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Learn All About HF Digital Modes

hf digital mode book.Get on the HFdigital modes and work the world with just a few watts. Our part number ARRLGETONTHEAIR

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Morse Code Operating for Amateur Radio

morse code for ham radioCovers everything you need to get started in this aspect of the hobby including how to set up and adjust your station and all the protocols you'll need to know. Our part number ARRLMORSECODE.

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Hands On Radio Experiments Vol.2

hands on radio experiments61 short electronics experiments, designed to increase your understanding of basic radio fundamentals, components, circuits and design. Our part number ARRLHANDSON2.

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Getting the Most from Your Handheld

book - radios to goThe ARRL publication "Radios to Go" will help you get the full benefit from your investment by explaining all of the features and outlining hidden features not covered in the manual.

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AM/FM Radios

H2O2 Bluetooth Water-Resistant Radio/Flashlight

camping radio with flashlightAM/FM water resistant radio that features Bluetooth technology, memory presets, built-in flashlight, sleep timer, alarm clock and so much more. It's waterproof AND it floats too!

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New Tivoli Now Supports Bluetooth

tivoli pal with bluetoothTivoli Audio’s PAL BT adds Bluetooth® wireless technology in addition to its sensitive analog AM/FM tuner. When you’re not listening to your favorite radio stations, you can listen to your favorite music from your Bluetooth® technology-enabled device.

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Power Cord with 20A Noise Filter

DC filter with power cord for most CB radiosEliminates unwanted electrical interference coming in through your radio's power cord. This is a very common 3-pin 2-wire power cord for most Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, Connex, Superstar, Magnum and any other radio with similar power jack. P/N CBNF3AXX.

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We Still Sell HDTV Converters

hdtv tunerThere is still quite a demand for HDTV antennas and people are discovering that their built-in tuner is either sub-standard or does not receive digital signals. The IVIEW 3500STB is feature-rich and has HDMI and component outputs so you can get the most out of your current TV.

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Garmin Zumo Carrying Case

Fits Zumo 350/650/660/665

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Cradle Mount with Power Cord for Zumo 660/66

Replacement power cord with mount.

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GPS Receiver Kit for Uniden Scanners

The BC-GPSK serial GPS receiver provides a simple solution to connecting a GPS to your Uniden location-based scanner or other NMEA-compatible device.

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Looking for a great price on a scanner? Please check out our USED PAGE.



USB to RS232

As needed to connect some radio equipment to a modern PC without a port. P/N EM620503

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Right Angle SMA Connector

SMA Right angleOur part number

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"N" Crimp Female Connector 9913

N crimp female connectorOur part number

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SMA Female to N Male Adapter

Our part number

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SMA Female to PL MALE Adapter


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RPTNC Male to RPSMA Female

pigtailReverse polarity TNC male to Reverse polarity SMA female.

Our Part Number

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SO-239 to "N" Female Adapter

adapter - SO239 to N femaleThis hard to find connector is perfect for ham radio installations when joining the two most popular coax connectors. Our Part Number SO239NFEMALE
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SMA Female to TNC Female

Our part number

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BNC Female Connector for LMR100 & RG174

BNC Female connectorIn this connector, the centre pin is fixed in position from factory. You solder the coax to the centre pin through a cutaway. A screw-on cap covers the braid and solder connection.
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BNC Crimp Female

Crimp connector for LMR195 and RG58.

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