What's New at Durham Radio - Dec 3rd, 2011

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Amateur Radio

Alinco DJ-V57T Dual Band HT

Alinco dual Band HTRuggedly built to IPX7 water resistance standards. 200 memories. Full 5W output. Backlit display and keypad.

More Info

Rotatable HF Dipole For 40/20/15/10/6 Metres

rotatable dipoleThe comet CHV5X rotatable dipole covers four HF bands plus 6 metres yet is only 13 feet long.

More Info

JTCS3M Three Position Coax SW 1MHz - 1 GHz

low swr antenna switchThe Jetstream JTCS3M three position coax switch offers high isolation and high power handling with low SWR up to 1GHz

More Info

JTBATT40 Battery Protector/Remote Switch

battery protectorWhen your battery drops below 10.2 or 11 volts, it will shut your device off to save your battery from damage.

 More Info

15" Ducky With Female SMA Connector

ducky for wouxanThe Diamond SRJ77CA 15" ducky antenna has a SMA female connection for use with Wouxon Radios. No adapter required.

 More Info

435 - 450MHz Ringo Ranger II Antenna

UHF Ringo base antennaThis item has been available for years. Now it's a regular stock item for us. Features 7.0 dBi gain, more than 10MHz bandwidth and handles up to 500W.

More Info

RPS220 Software & Cable for Jetstream JT220M

Software for JT220MThis software is made and supported by RT Systems.

 More Info


DXCC BookThis new edition includes a complete listing of DX Century Club rules including the latest changes and clarifications.

More Info


Sangean WiFi/FM/iPod/SD/CD/USB Player

Sangean WiFi Docking stationThis all-in-one tabletop docks your iPod and gives you regular radio stations plus streaming stations from all over the world. It even records your music to USB thumb drive. More Info

Soft Pillow Speaker With Inline Volume Control

pillow SpeakerPut this small soft speaker on or under your pillow and listen to your radio in bed without disturbing others.

More Info


Onetime Update City Navigator NA 2012 DVD

citi navigator softwareUpdated, fully routable, detailed maps for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, including Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.

More Info

Protective Case for 4.3" Nuvi GPS

protective GPS caseSoft carrying case for most 4.3" Nuvi units including Nuvi 40, 2300/2405/3400 series

More Info

Protective Case for 5" Nuvi GPS

protective caseSoft carrying case for most 5" Nuvi units including Nuvi50/1400/2400/Dezl & Zumo 600 series.

More Info

Replacement Cigarette Lighter Plug

lighter plugCigarette lighter cable (mini USB) replacement for most Garmin Nuvi units.

More Info


Hy-Gain Rotator Light Duty

magic Jack PlusThe AR-303 is designed for the use of small UHF, VHF, 6-Metre, TV, FM and other lightweight antennas.

More Info

120V LED Light with Clear Lens

LED LightThis super-efficient LED bulb offers 20% more light output than the frosted version we carry. Both are far more energy efficient than compact fluorescent lamps. Unlike fluorescents, these bulbs contain no harmful mercury! They have very low RF radiation so they are good in the shack too! More Info

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