What's New at Durham Radio - November 4th, 2011

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Two Truly Innovative Products - both of the products described here are also featured in this mailing however they are so innovative that I thought they deserved a little extra attention here at the top of the page.
LED Light Bulbs - We are now stocking a 4W LED light bulb that offers a light output similar to a 25W incandescent bulb. These bulbs use the latest technology assuring the longest life at about half the price of similar bulbs being sold at big box stores. LED lights are far more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs. They run cooler and they can be used in freezing temperatures without a loss in output. More info HERE.

(If you are one of the unfortunate individuals who tried an LED bulb from a big box store a couple of years ago and had the misfortune of it failing after only a few days, please be assured that these bulbs are much more reliable and come with a 2-year warranty.

MagicJack Plus - allows you to connect your phone directly to your home or work internet connection WITHOUT the use of a computer. You get FREE long distance throughout the USA and Canada plus all the extra features your phone company usually charges for are FREE! The MagicJack Plus has a USB port on it so you can still take it with you when you travel. More info HERE.

York Region ARC Hamfest - See us at the Markham Fairgrounds on Saturday, November 5th, 2011. Order ahead to make sure we bring what YOU want! (Otherwise we'll only bring items we think you might like!) More Info

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Amateur Radio

TM281A 2m Mobile

kenwood 2m transceiverNew from Kenwood. This full-featured 2m rig has a generous 65W output!

More Info

RS840 Lip Style Mount

lip mountThe strongest of all Comet lip mounts, the RS-840 has a support tab that crosses over the gap between the trunk/door edge to give it additional strength.
More Info

2012 ARRL Handbook

ARRL HandbookA single resource covering electronic fundamentals, radio design, and loads of practical treatments and projects. Hard and soft cover available at the same price. INCLUDES CD ROM.

More Info

2012 ARRL Antenna Book

antenna bookAll of the information you need to design complete antenna systems - from planning, to design and construction. Hard and soft cover available at the same price. INCLUDES CD ROM.

 More Info

HM05JSJ Female SMA Pigtail

pigtail18" pigtail for use with Wouxun and other transceivers that use reverse SMA connection.

 More Info

RHF618 10/12m Base Station

12/12m base stationTake advantage of the current band openings. The 25W pep output is plenty of power for phone communications and is only 1 S-unit lower than a 100W rig. Customize the screen with your own background image. Covers both 10 and 12 metres.

More Info


Tivoli Songbooks in High Gloss Finish

Tivoli Songbook high glossNow you can get a Songbook in blue or black high gloss finish. Take great sound and reception with you wherever you go with Tivoli Audio.

More Info

Sangean PRD5 Now Available in Black

PRD5This high performance portable/tabletop radio is now available in black. Outstanding AM performance comes from it's 200mm ferrite antenna.

More Info

Sangean DT120CL

clear case pocket radiosThis pocket radio features a transparent plastic case so you can see the inner working without tearing the radio apart. Approved for sale in most prison systems!

More Info

Sangean PRD7 Now Available in Black

PRD7 AM-FM Radio portableThis portable is lightweight and compact but delivers on sound and exceptional reception.

More Info

Tivoli Model One Cord

model one cordDid you lose or damage the power cord for your Tivoli Model One? Here's the factory replacement. P/N M1CORD

More Info

C. Crane Emergency Radio

C Crane Emergency RadioThe CRANE CCSOLAR OBSERVER is the perfect radio to have on hand in case of an emergency. In addition to regualr battery operation it also runs on Solar and Wind-up power. Charges cell-phones too!

More Info

CB Radio

The B100 Groundless Antenna is Back!

groundless antennaThis is one of our most popular groundless antennas ever made however it has been out of stock for well over a year. It's finally back. Great for temporary setups, RV's, balconies etc.

More Info

Uniden PRO-505XL

uniden/bearcat CB radio for carThis inexpensive sub-compact features a large backlit LCD display with a bargraph meter for power output and signal strength.

More Info


Motorola T9500XL Repack

groundless antennaGet an incredibly low price on a pair of high power, full-featured Motorola GMRS radios with rechargeable batteries and a drop-in charger.

More Info

Did You Know?

Did you know that the range stated on the packaging of a GMRS radio can only be achieved under ideal conditions. Ideal conditions are only achieved from a mountain top to a plain with no obstructions or interference. Better high end radios can usually cover 2 - 5km in open space.


MagicJack Plus - FREE Long Distance!

magic Jack PlusMaking FREE long distance calls to the USA and Canada just got easier with MagicJack plus. A computer is no longer needed. Simply connect MagicJack Plus to your phone line and your internet connection and you're good to go. USB port available for travellers. Use in almost any country to make FREE calls to Canada and the USA.

More Info

Save Money with LED Light Bulbs!

groundless antennaThese efficient LED bulbs offer smooth warm white light and low RF radiation. They consume only 4 Watts yet produce an output similar to a 25W incandescent bulb. These bulbs use the very latestes technology and are guaranteed for TWO years!

More Info

Weather Radios

Midland Weather Radio

weather radioThe new Midland WR-120 features a built-in AM/FM radio with alarm clock, user selectable alert type and much, much more.

More Info

Strobe Light for Weather Radio

led flasherThe 18STR strobe light works with most Midland weather radios.

More Info

Sangean Weather Radio Antenna

weather radio antennaThe ANT100 mini mag mount antenna will improve your weather radios reception. Works with almost all desktop weather radios.

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wifi antennThis is one of the best home, mobile, or RV WiFi Antennas made. Just plug it into the USB port on your computer for powerful WiFi reception. C-Crane have incorporated the newest WiFi wireless "N" technology with a connection rate up to 150Mbps for lightning fast file transfers.   More Info

Extension cable for WiFi Antenna

extension cableUsing this cable you can mount your Super WiFi USB Antenna-3 on the roof, mast or in a window up to 30 ft away. Can be used with other devices too!

More Info

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