What's New at Durham Radio - September 1st, 2011

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Amateur Radio

SMA Male to UHF Adapter

pigtailThe JT4110J3 pigtail allows you to use your HT as a base or mobile.

Far less stress on the radio than using a solid adapter. Three and six foot versions available.

More Info

Heil Gold Elite Mic

heil dual element desk micTwo distinctly different high performance dynamic elements are under the hood and available to you at the flip of a switch! Easily switch from broadcast quality to DX punch in just one second.
More Info

Comet 6m Beam

6 meter beam antennaThis well-constructed twin driven 4 element beam antenna uses stainless hardware for long life. 10.4dBi

More Info

Heil Single Element Mic

single element micThe Heil HM-12 mic features the new Genesis dynamic element with wide response and mid-range articulation for SSB, AM and FM communications.

 More Info

New Heil Boom Headsets

boom headsetsThese new headsets replace the Traveler HTDS and HTSS, but utilize the new Heil HC-6 mic element.

 More Info

Heil FS-3 Single Channel Footswitch

foot switchA single-channel foot switch with 10 feet of cable and 1/4" plug.

More Info

LDG RU-4:1 Unun

4:1 unun This unun was designed to allow easy interface of LDG S9 vertical antennas shown here.

Product Page

Broadband Dual Band Mobile Antenna

dual band mobile antennaThe Comet CA2X4SRNMO dual band mobile antenna features an extra wide bandwidth on both bands so that it can be used for amateur radio and commerical two-way radio services. Covers 140-160 and 435-465MHz. 40" tall. More Info

6 - 80m HF Vertical

vertical HF antennaThis vertical is very simple to set up because no radials are required! Handles up to 250W. 23.4' tall.
TX 3.5-57MHz
RX 1.8-90 MHz
More Info

Comet SS-680SBNMO Dual Band with Spring

dual band antenna with springA This antenna is only 27" tall and has a built-in spring so it can survive a brush with a garage door or tree branch.

More Info

CB Radio

J&M to Harley Cable JHCPHD

cable adapter for J&M to HarleyP-Series 8-pin lower-section hook-up cord is to be used with J&M® headsets and connection to 1998-2010 Harley® 7-pin audio systems.

More Info

J&M HSCPHHSP Speaker Pouches

speaker pouch for helmetThese pouches hold the standard J&M helmet speakers. For use with shorty style helmets.

More Info

Motorcycle CB Antenna Kit

cb antenna mounting kit for motorcyclesThe J&M LPCBA-300 is a versatile kit that allows you to mount a CB antenna to almost any motorcycle.

More Info

Boom/Headset for HJC/Harley® Shorty Helmets

boom headset for harley half helmetThis is a complete kit consisting of the noise cancelling boom mic, plus a pair of speakers all made to fit a harley shorty helmet.

More Info

GPS Scanners

Case for Colorado GPS

case for colorado gps Carrying Case Hard Shell w/Carabiner Clip for Colorado Series. Garmin P/N 010-10850-10

More Info

GRE PSR800 Trunking Scanner

GRE PSR800 police scannerA revolutionary approach to scanner listening. It allows you to listen to desired communications without PC or Internet programming because everything is already in the scanner!

More Info

Satellite Tracking

Spot Connect

personal satellite trackerThe Spot Connect allows you to send predefined or custom message to your contacts or to social networks like facebook when you are not in cell phone range. Connects to your smart phone via bluetooth. More Info

Accessories for Spot II

spot 2 accessoriesA floating case and a RAM mount kit are both available for your SPOT II.

Floating Case

Ram Suction Mount Kit


High Power WiFi Adapter

high power external WiFi adapterNeed a little more WiFi range? Replace your internal or low power unit with this inexpensive wireless LAN card. 500mW

More Info

Pigtail for WiFi

pigtail for wifiThis cable is custom made for us using low-loss KSR195 cable. RPSMA on one end and N Female on the other. Makes it easy to connect your high performance antenna to a wireless lan. More Info

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