What's New at Durham Radio - July 5th, 2011

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Amateur Radio

S9 Telescopic HF Verticals

telescopic HF base antennaThese tough, yet ultra-lightweight verticals are designed for Amateur Radio use. Telescopic sections are easy to assemble. They are self-supporting too. Three sizes to choose from.
Frequency coverage with tuner.
S9V18 Covers 20 - 6m 18'
S9V31 Covers 40 - 6m 31'
S9V43 Covers 80 - 6m 43'

Radial Plate by S9

radial plateThe S9RP radial plate is designed to increase the efficiency of your ground system which is critical for the proper operation of ground mounted vertical antennas.

More Info

Autotuner for FT817(D) with Amplifier

FT-817 uatotunerThe LDG Z817H was made to work with the FT-817 and Tokyo High Power HL-45B. Easy interconnection allow automatic band selection on the amp. Also works with other rig amp combos with the press of a button.

More Info

Comet CAA500 SWR Analyzer

SWR analyzerComet now offers a very easy-to-use and accurate SWR analyzer that covers from 1.8 - 500MHz.

 More Info

Jetstream 65A Power Supply and Backup

65A power supplyAn old analog power supply with this much current would have been a back breaker for sure. The JTPS75BCMMKII weighs only 10 lbs and keeps a backup battery charged. In the event of a power failure. The battery is switched in automatically keeping your radio running without interruption!  More Info

Rigblaster PlusII USB

rigblaster plus II USBThe RBPL2CUSB makes computer control of your rig and digital modes simple. Can be wired for just about any radio by using supplied or optional cables and prewired jumpers.

More Info


hamspeak dictionaryA collection of terms and acronyms commonly used in the ham radio community. Many of the definitions include images, references to other material and more.

Product Page


small antennas bookARRL’s Small Antennas for Small Spaces is a valuable resource for amateurs who live in apartments, condominiums, or houses on small lots.

More Info

Kantronics KPC3PLUS

kantronics KPC3A small full-featured packet TNC engineered for dependable and versatile digital communications. The KPC-3+ can fill a variety of roles. Comes with PBBS, KA-Node, Host Mode and Kiss capabilities

Product Page

DB9 Com Cables

DB9 cable Two new DB9 cables for your computer interfacing needs. Commonly used to clone, program or control radios. Common uses are posted on the respective product pages.

Product pages

AM/FM Radios

CRANE Over the Ear Earphone

over the ear ear hanger earphoneThese ear-hanger style earphones are perfect for people who find regular earbuds and earphones uncomfortable.

More Info

Sangean Simple AM/FM Pocket Radio

Pocket AM/FM RadioProvides clear and static free listening. The dial precisely tunes your station selection displayed in a softly lighted analog display. Built-in speaker.

More Info

CB Radio

JBC150 CB Motorcycle Antenna

short CB antenna for motorcycle14.5" flexible CB antenna with bottom tuning ring. Fits standard 3/8-24 threads. Perfect for motorcycles.

More Info

Ford Flat Style Bumper or Mirror Mount

flat bar antennaThe FTBM1 will fit most mirrors that use flat bars instead of tubing. Use with 3/8-24 antennas.

More Info


Uniden UM380 Marine Transceiver

uniden marineThis rugged radio features DSC position send and request, NOAA Emergency Weather Alert including S.A.M.E, 5/25W output. All USA, International and Canadian marine channels.

More Info

Uniden UM415 Marine Transceiver

uniden fixed mount marine transceiverAll of the features of the UM-380 plus meets rigid JIS8 submersible standards (5-ft. for 30 minutes)

More Info


Jumbo Clock with Temp/Date and Alarm

atomic wall clock with tempThe  MFJ130BRC atomic clock automatically receives WWVB Fort Collins, Colorado time signals to provide amazing accuracy.  More Info

JEN1700 1700mA AC adapter

AC adapterThis universal adapter packs quite a wallop! Imagine 1.7A from a tiny lightweight adapter. Includes common plug adapters.
More Info

Motorcycle Accessories Scanners

Music Mixer Cable & Communications Switch

scanner desktopThe Motocomm MXR1 allows the addition of a music player or other audio device to a MotoComm MC series headset.    More Info

Homepatrol Suction Cup Mobile Mount

mounting kit for homepatrol scannerThe WBHP1 is a complete kit that comes with the suction cup, swivel section and radio mount.

More Info


Sony Car Stereo with Shortwave is Back!

sony car stereo with shortaveIt has taken us years to find a source for a car stereo with shortwave coverage. The CDX-GT180  features a front panel AUX input.

More Info

New Shortwave from Grundig S450DLB

Grundig shortave radioThe S450DLB the AM/FM broadcast bands plus all frequencies from 1.7 to 30 MHz, so you won't miss any shortwave action. AM IF Output jack is available for possible future accessory devices such as DRM or SSB decoders. More Info

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