What's New at Durham Radio - May 14th, 2011

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Amateur Radio

Super High Capacity Battery for FT-817

lithium polymer batteryWe call this Polymer Lithium battery for the FT817 a Super Battery because it has a 2500mAh capacity. Significantly increases your operating time.
More Info

P-BOX Portable Power Source 12.5Ah

pbox high capacity rechargeable batteryThis waterproof and portable power source weighs in at only 2.5 pounds yet has the same capacity as a 10 pound lead acid battery! A great item to have for emergencies, QRP, hunting, and camping. Charger included.
More Info


pocket reference ft-817Pocket FT-817 Quick Reference Manual for Yaesu FT817 and FT817ND.

 More Info


ft-817 standPositions the FT-817 at a user-friendly angle for desktop use.

More Info

ARRL Repeater Book 2011/12

repeater directoryNow you can get the ARRL repeater book in the traditional pocket version on a spiral bound desktop version.

More Info

LDG AT200PROII Autotuner

auto antenna tunerHandles up to 250W SSB or CW on 1.8 30 MHz, and 100W on 6m. Front panel bypass and antenna selection LED Indicators. It will typically match a 10:1 SWR down to 1.5:1 in just a few seconds. (almost instant for frequencies stored in memory)   More Info

Programming Software for the TM-D72

th-d72 softwareThe RT Systems KRSD72 allows you to program your radio from your PC with the cable that was included with the radio.

Product Page

Alpha Delta DELTA2BN

alphadelta switchAlpha Delta has improved the design of their two and four position switches and they're now available with "N" connectors too.

All AlphaDelta Switches

Rapid Charger for PB45L for THD72A

kenwood battery chargerThe KSC32 charges the PB45L Li-Ion battery shown here --->

Product Page

PB45L Li-Ion for Kenwood TH-D72

thd72 battery pack Li-Ion Battery Pack can be used on the Kenwood THD72A, TK2180 and TK3180. 1800mAh 7.4V

Product page

EDC164 Charger for Alinco EBP71

charger for alinco Li Ion batteryDesktop trickle charger for EBP71 Li-Ion battery for Alinco DJ-175 shown here -->
Product Page

EBP71 Li-Ion Battery for DJ-175

Alinco Li-Ion battery1200mAH Li-Ion battery pack for DJ-175.

Product page

We also stock the EBP72
as supplied with the DJ-175.

Heil Replacement Parts

heil replacement partsKeep your Heil products working like new with replacement parts from Heil. We stock a limited selection of the most popular items such as windscreens, earpads and boom clips.
Product Page

BC193 Desktop Rapid Charger for Icom BP-265

desktop rapid charger IcomProvides rapid charging of the BP-265 Li-Ion battery pack for the IC-T70 & ICV-80.

Product page

CB Radio

B-134 Truck Bed/Tool Box Mount

tool box antenna mountBolts onto a pickup truck bed or toolbox and has a 3/4" hole to accommodate larger NMO or oversize beehive studs.

More Info

Replacement CB Meters

replacement CB meterWe recently added Galaxy meters to our growing line of meters for CB radios.

All CB Meters

Commercial Two-Way Radios

Our Two Way Radio Experience

Durham Radio has been involved in the commercial two-way radio business since 1993. We have done everything from programming to installations to site surveys. From the Ski slopes to cruise ships, we've done it. We have sold handheld and mobile transceivers and repeaters and can offer a cost effective solution to your communications needs.

Quantun QP250U

economical handheldThis new budget priced 2W radio has features normally found on expensive models. Has vibrate, a 1500mAH Li-ion battery and includes an earphone.

More Info

Quantun QP650 5W Handheld

quantun qp650Available for the VHF or UHF band, this full-featured rugged and reliable radio comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.
More Info

Quantun QP750U 5W Deluxe Handheld

handheld UHF LMR two-way radioHas extra features such as voice scrambler, emergency alarm button, programmable side button, channel annunciation and more.

More Info


Garmin NUVI 465LMT

Garmin nuvi GPSThis full-featured 4.3" touch-screen GPS includes lifetime maps and traffic info.

More Info

Garmin DEZL560LT Trucker GPS

trucking GPS by GARMINProvides specialized routing to support truck-related restrictions in both the U.S. and Canada (customizable by height, weight, length, width and hazardous materials).

More Info


ICOM M24 Float & Flash

icom handheld marine transceiverIt's waterproof and it floats! With it's flashing red LED light, an overboard IC-M24 is easy to find, day or night. The light flashes even if the radio is turned off.

More Info


VHF marine fixed mount transceiverA full-featured sub-compact submerisble VHF transceiver. Black colour.

More Info


DTA1100 HDTV Converter

ATSC converterAll over the air TV channels will be using the ATSC digital format soon. If you use a TV antenna and have an older TV, you'll need one of these to receive the new digital format.    More Info

DAR101 Sangean Digital Recorder

mp3 recorderRecord from internal or external mic, telephone and line-input. It supports MP3 and WMA media with SD card or USB interface. Built-in speaker.
More Info


mini GMA fuseThese fuses are commonly found in the tip of lighter plug adapters and on circuit boards of consumer electronics. We stock 1 - 10 Amp fuses.
More Info

High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries

high capacity batteriesWe're now stocking Powerex (Maha Energy) "C" and "D" cell batteries that have 30-40% more capacity and longer life than other rechargeable brands.  More Info

Self-Adhesive Wire Clips

wire clip with sticky padTS CLIPS Self Adhesive Plastic Wire Clips for Coax. 4 per Pack.

More Info

DM6 Earphone with 2.5mm Plug

ear hanger style earphoneEar hanger style earphone with straight cable and 2.5 mm plug. Perfect for people who find other earphone styles uncomfortable.

More Info


PL-259 connectorDue to a huge price increase in Amphenol PL connectors, we have started carrying quality Kalibur PL connectors.

More Info

High Quality SMA to BNC Adapter

sma to BNC adapter.Use your new HT with BNC style antennas and cable.


More Info


New Economical Desktop Scanner BC355C

scanner desktopThe Bearcat BC355C features100 programmable memories plus 13 preset search bands including VHF Air and the 800 MHz public service band. A scanner like this would have cost hundreds just a few years ago!    More Info

Get More Out of Your Homepatrol Scanner

GPS kit for your Homepatrol scannerAll the parts you need to automatically scan frequencies on your HomePatrol scanner based on your location.

More Info

Replacement Cable for New Scanners

scanner cableThis serial computer interface cable fits the BC95/246/346/
396/396XT/996XT & more.
P/N BWZY1227001
More Info

Bracket for Homepatrol Scanner

homepatrol bracketMobile bracket for the HomePatrol.

More Info

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