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December 17th, 2010

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The Crane CCEP "Easy Performance" AM/FM radio was introduced in our last mailing and sold out in just a couple of days! We had no idea this would be such a hot seller. It's now in stock. If you're looking for a super-simple high-performance AM/FM radio, this is the radio for you! Or perhaps it might make a nice gift for a less technically savvy friend or family member.

Looking for a high-performance autotuner for your FT-847? The LDG YT-847 has a wider tuning range, faster tuning and more memories than the built-in tuner. Reminder... Buy any LDG tuner before April 15th, 2011 and Receive a FREE SP-200 RF Surge Protector via mail-in rebate.

Our CB Sale is still on. In the history of Durham Radio, we have never had so many CB radios on sale at the same time! Check out the sale HERE!

The SPOT2 personal satellite tracking unit is perfect for people who travel to remote locations such as hunt camps. It will allow friends and family to know your location and status and allow you to call for help should you need it. Reg:$159.95 Our Current Price $149.95. $50 in extras are FREE until Dec 31st.


GRB5M - Low profile trunk mount - was $89.95 now $79.95
RS730 - Adjustable trunk/hatch/van door lip mount - was $49.95 now $39.95
SB14 - Tri-band mobile antenna for 50/146/446MHz - was $89.95 now $79.95
SMA24 - Super Flexible dual band HT antenna - was $34.95 now $29.95
CB1PTT - Microphone base with integrated PTT button - was $84.95 now $74.95
Nuvi 1350 - GPS with 4.3" screen, turn-by-turn voice directions. - was $179.95 now $159.95
Nuvi 1350T same as above but traffic receiver and lifetime traffic. was $219.95 now $199.95
GAR0101016500 - Interface between GPS and your computer - was $49.95 now $42.95
Nuvi 465 - GPS built for truckers with trucking-relevant points of interest - was $369.95 now $349.95

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Amateur Radio

30 Amp Variable Voltage Power Supply

power supplyThe Jetstream JTPS31MB adjusts from 4-14VDC and can supply up to 25A continuous. The large meter can display voltage or current.

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Kenwood TH-D72 Dual Band w/ GPS & APRS

opek multiband antennaThis brand-new dual-band is fully loaded with advanced features plus it has a built-in GPS, TNC and APRS firmware. Limited stock on hand.

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New HF "Stick" Antennas by Jetstream

hf stick antennasHalf-fibreglass load and half stainless steel whip. Now available for 6, 10, 15, 20, 40 and 75 metres.

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Opek Multiband Mobile Antenna

opek multiband antennaThe HVT-600 sells for a fraction of the price of other antennas. Covers HF, 6M, VHF, UHF all on one antenna. Change bands by moving the jumper lead.

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ARRL Guide to Antenna Tuners

antenna tuner bookThis book will give you a better understanding of your antenna system and the way it can be improved through the selection and use of the appropriate antenna tuner.

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ARRL Antenna Compendium Volume 8

antenna compendiumInside are 60 articles from QST magazine featuring practical ideas, tips and some of the best antenna projects.

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Pocket VX8DR Quick Reference

vx8dr quick referenceAll operational aspects are covered. This is a terrific little resource. 252 well organized pages, and the type is large enough you can actually read it.

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Comet RS-660U Luggage Rack/Pipe Mount

trunk lip mountIt's about time! This high-quality mount fits on the rack bar of most vehicles and can be adjusted to just about any angle.

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AM/FM and Specialty Radios

SSPIANO - Speaker for Model 3

sspiano speakerNow in stock. Top-firing high-gloss extension speaker for the Tivoli Model three.

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Sangean RCR-10 Now in White

rcr10 docking station for ipod Get the RCR10 in white. Wake up to your favourite MP3 or the alarm..

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60/40 Rosin-Core Solder

scanner antennaA big 0.5 kg roll of rosin core solder. 1.5mm dia, Ideal for PL connectors and general purpose soldering.        
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Opek YG2904 800-956MHz Yagi

800Mhz Yagi Extend the range of your wireless internet stick, scanner or cell phone operating in the 750-940 MHz frequency range.

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TV Products

Memorex MVCB1000 DTV Converter

hdtv converterAllows your old TV to receive the new over-the-air digital TV broadcasts.

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Philips PH-61159 RF Modulator

rcr10 docking station for ipod Don't throw out your old TV. Use this modulator to plug in a video game or computer.

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Winegard UHF/VHF Amplifier 29 DB Gain

mast mount preampThe AP-8275 is a mast mount antenna preamplifier. Mounting your preamp at the antenna improves the signal without introducing line noise.

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WiFi Products and Accessories

RP-SMA Male to N Female Adapter

reverse sma extensionThis adapter fits most consumer grade wireless routers and WiFi adapters and allows you to connect "N" connectors as found on high-end antennas and low-loss cables.

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More WiFi Products Coming Soon!

We're still experimenting and having lots of fun with WiFi products. Stay tuned as we continue to expand this category with more products to serve you better.

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