What's New at Durham Radio - June 4th, 2010

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Important Announcements & Reminders

See us at the Central Ontario Hamfest - Sun June 6th, 2010 - Avoid disappointment. Call and order ahead, we will deliver your order to the hamfest for you. Fleamarket details HERE.

See us at the Ontario Hamfest (Milton) - Saturday July 10th, 2010 - As always, we can't bring everything with us to the show. If you want something in particular please order in advance. Fleamarket details HERE.

Clearance Items - Just in time for your outdoor summer fun, the popular Garmin GPS-Map60Cx and CSx handhed GPS units are now clearance priced. Keep watching our web site for more summer clearance items.

Icom Marine Rebate - Get instant savings on select Icom models

$150 off - M802
$50 off - MR570R / MXA5000
$40 off - M604
$20 off - M504
$10 off - M34 / M36 / M72 / M88 / M304 / M422

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Amateur Radio

RIGblaster Station Integration Console

Rigblaster DuoThe Rigblaster Duo from West Mountain Radio allows you to operate two radios with one mic, one set of headphones, one pair of speakers and one soundcard interface in your PC. It comes with a built-in dual USB to serial converter to use two ham radio software applications at the same time. P/N RBDUCUSB

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FGPS1 - GPS Unit for FTM350R

GPS for YaesuThis GPS receiver/antenna unit is designed to plug into the back of the FTM-350R control head.

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cable for k3

Now you can order the Signalink SLUSB with cables for the Elecraft K3 or you can buy the cable separately.

Cable only
SL1USB with Cable



An 18" tall dual band antenna available with M (SO-239) or NMO connector.

SBB2 (SO-239)

ARRL PIC Programming

pic PROGRAMMING BOOKAn introductory guide to understanding PIC design and development. Includes CD-ROM with programming resources, supplementary reading, short video clips and other helpful data.

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battery packMaha Battery Pack 7.4V, 1800mAh Li-Ion for Kenwood THF6A

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Full Face Motorcycle/ATV Headset for Yaesu

headset for motorcycleThe MC558 includes the mic and speakers integrate into your existing full-face helmet. Comes with all of the cables and PTT switch for use with FT60R and VX170.

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Open Face Motorcycle/ATV Headset for Yaesu

headset for motorcycleThe MC758 is similar to the MC558 shown here but includes a boom mic that attaches to your open-faced helmet. Also fits the FT60R and VX170

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We sell motorcycle/ATV headsets for just about any two-way. Click HERE for details.
AM/FM and Specialty Radios

AC Adapter for Tivoli PAL

ac adapter tivooliNeed a replacement or an additional AC adapter for your Tivoli PAL or Songbook? We now stock this item.

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PAL/Songbook Replacement Antenna

rugged AM/FM radioReplace your broken or damaged Songbook or PAL antenna with a new one.

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MAD1 Headset for Handsfree CB Use

portable handheld CBNo need to pick up the mic to transmit. Headset plugs into speaker jack so that you don't disturb your passengers. Prewired for Standard 4 Pin radios such as Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy etc.

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Motorola GMRS with Flashlight

gmrs motorolaThe Motorola EM100R package contains two radios, charger, batteries and belt clips. The radios include weather band reception with alert function and have a built-in flashlight and emergency alert transmission function to notify others.

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ZUMO 665 Wide Screen Motorcycle GPS

golf course GPSA motorcycle-friendly navigator with stereo Bluetooth® and XM® satellite radio, weather and traffic. Subscription to XM required for music and traffic info. $100 USD mail-in rebate available.

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Silicone Skin Case for Approach G3 & Dakota

silicone caseKeep your handhelf safe from the elements with this silicone protective case.
P/N 010-11344-10

More info

Replacement Garmin Power Cord

nuvi dc power cordThis genuine Garmin cord fits the Zumo 220 and most Nuvi series. P/N 010-10723-14

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Garmin USB Cable

gps USB cableThis cable can be used to both charge and upload data to your GPS. Fits Nuvi, Approach and Dakota model. Click below for the full list. P/N 010-10723-15
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Tripod Installation Hardware

tripod mounding hardwareLag bolts and sealing tape for tripod installations. P/N DGA-6127

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Lag Bolts for Tripod Installation

lag boltDGA 6217 Hex Lag Bolt 7/16, 5/16 x 2 Inches Long for Bolting Down Tripods Sold Individually. P/N DGA6217

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Double Female "F" Connector

subcompact directional HDTV antennaA double female connector for extending TV coax cable. Good to 1GHz. P/N DGA-6040

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4017 High Isolation RF Switch

grounding terminal Looking for extremely high isolation for your new HD setup? This commercial-grade switch is exactly what you're looking for. Now in stock!    More Info

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