What's New at Durham Radio - December, 2009

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Amateur Radio

SS460SB - 18" Dual Band Antenna

18 inch dual band antennaThe SS460SB dual band 2M/70cm mobile antenna is black from top to bottom and features a built-in spring.

UHF-style mount

NMO Version

JTNMO220 220 MHz 5/8 Wave

200MHz single band antenna

An economical 5/8 wave mobile antenna for 1 1/4 metres.

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SBB15 6m/2m/70cm Mobile Antenna

triband antenna mobileThe Comet SBB covers 2 metres, 70 cm and 6 metres. All black with a foldover design. Approximately 5 feet tall.

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JTPRG1 Jetstream/Alinco Programming Cable

jetstream programming cableThe JTPRG1 is a serial to 3.5mm interface that works with the Jetstream JT220M and most Alinco transceivers.

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ceramic end insulator

Traditional style ceramic insulators are now available separately for your antenna making convenience.

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ARRL Communications Vest

communications vest

Make yourself visible with this lightweight reflective vest. Perfect for communications at events.

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Basic Antennas

basic antennas book

A comprehensive introduction to antennas. Contains basic concepts, practical designs and details of easy-to-build antennas.

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Building Successful HF Antennas

successful HF antenna book

Antenna expert Peter Dodd, G3LDO, teaches you what makes an effective HF antenna, how to build one and how to measure its performance.

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dxcc list

A "must have" for every DX'er. ARRL book number 8256. The official source of DXCC information!

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Emergency Communication

emergency communication book

Intended for all hams that volunteer their skills in public service applications (or who are interested in doing so). Includes details on basic emergency communication skills, message handling, and more.

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AM/FM/Shortwave and WiFi Radios

TEAC WiFi Internet + FM Radio + iPod Dock

wifi radio with ipod dockingThe TEAC R4INT is perfect for the music lover on your gift list. FREE WiFi internet radio, FM radio and iPod docking are all combined in this great sounding clock/radio.

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Sangean PRD8 Radio with MP3 Record/Play

sangean prd8 mp3 recorder and playerA quality AM/FM stereo radio that incorporates an SD card MP3 recorder/player. Built-in dual alarm clock timer with sleep function.

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Sangean DT200X Pocket AM/FM

pocket AM/FM with speakerFeatures retractable earphones and a built-in speaker.

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DT180 Sub-Compact Pocket Radio

subcompact pocket radioA very tiny AM/FM radio that's perfect for those who like to travel light. Weighs just two ounces and runs on a single "AAA" battery!

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MINI400 Compact AM/FM Shortwave

pocket shortwave radioA very slim little radio with AM/FM plus shortwave coverage. Built-in clock-alarm with sleep function.

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RCR3 Clock Radio with Atomic Updater

Atomic Alarm ClockA good sounding clock radio that allows you to set two different alarms through the week and not have to worry about disabling the alarms for the weekend. Easy-to-read clock face.

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CB Radios

Cobra 29 CB with Bluetooth

bluetooth CBAll of the features of a trucker radio plus bluetooth is built-in so you can take phone calls on your CB. (Bluetooth phone required)

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Cobra 29 CB with Weather & Bluetooth
Cobra 29 bluetooth with weather

A deluxe CB with weather and Bluetooth. The Nightwatch feature makes the radio controls easy to see and use in any lighting condition.

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Midland 5001Z CB Radio

midland 5001Similar features to the Cobra 29 Classic but for less money.

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BB3 Echo Board
echo board

A high quality board with adjustable level and wide delay range.

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Garmin Travel Pack for Nuvi Series

Accessory kit for Nuvi series

This Garmin Travel Pack includes a leather case, AC adapter cable with international adapters and USB cable. P/N 010-11305-03

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Garmin Travel Pack for Nuvi 1400 Series

gps accessory kitTravel Pack for Nuvi 1400 Series includes carry case & AC charger with international adapters.
P/N 010-11375-04

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Over-the-Air Digital TV

DTV5000 ATSC Tuner

atsc tunerIf you own an older HD TV that doesn't have a built-in ATSC tuner, this is the product you need in order to get the best quality picture from FREE over-the-air digital TV signals. (other models also available.)

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DGA6691 Two-Position Coax Switch

a/b switch for tv coax

This inexpensive A/B switch can be used for 2 inputs and 1 output or 1 input and 2 outputs.

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DGA6112/DGA6613 Cable Feed-Through

mediumwave loopPrevent your coax from getting torn to shreds when feeding it through brick walls or siding.

Single Cable | Double Cable

ANT-7286 Eight Bay UHF HDTV Antenna

8-bay TV antennaHigh perfomance across the UHF band. Lower price than the major brand names and offers better quality than some of the budget antennas.

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ANT-7288 Adjustable Eight Bay UHF HDTV Antenna

flat patch cableTwo 4-bay antennas that mount on one mast pipe. Each 4-bay antenna can be aimed separately. The signals are combined for easy rotor-free operation.

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VH143 U-Bolt Assembly

u-bolt U-bolt assembly fastens your antenna "crossarm" to a mast pipe. Use anywhere a U-bolt is required.

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