What's New at Durham Radio - October 17th, 2009

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Amateur Radio

FT-2900R 2 Metre 75W Mobile with WX

FT2900This 2 metre rig is loaded with features and puts out a hefty 75 Watts WITHOUT fan cooling!

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Rigblaster CD Rom Sound Card Software V8.0

rigblaster software version 8

A collection of popular software compatible with Rigblaster products. Includes a self installer for simple installation.

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AT-897PLUS Autotuner for the FT-897

autotuner for ft987Mounts on the side of your FT-897 just like the original equipment and quickly tunes nearly any coax fed antenna.

Product page

CN801V 140 - 525 MHz Cross Needle Meter

CN801VThe Daiwa CN-801V Professional Series cross-needle meter displays both forward and reflected power over a frequency range of 140 - 525 MHz in ranges of 20/200W.

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CA2X4SR Wideband Dual-Band Mobile Antenna in Black

dual band antenna black

Covers 140-160MHz/435-465MHz with an SWR of 1.5:1 or less! Handles up to 150W.

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SBB-97 Tri-Band 144/440/1200 MHz

tri-band antenna (black)

The chrome plated SB-97 has been replaced by the new black version shown here.

Product page

Comet CFX-324B Triplexer

triplexer with no cables

Covers 144/220/440MHz and handles up to 600W. 40dB isolation.

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JT-CE1GRY Centre Insulator

centre instulator

This super strong centre insulator can handle up to 2kW

Product page

RS92 Software/Cable for IC-92
software and cable set IC-92

Software and cable for programming Icom IC-92. For Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista. Includes cable.

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OPC1529R Icom Programming Cable

programming cable

Works with the ICOM IC-2820 & IC-91.

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H-422 Quad Band Rotatable Dipole. 40/20/15/10

multiband base dipoleThe Comet H-422 quad-band rotatable trapped dipole with a compact design for installation even in antenna restricted locations.

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FNB82LI 1000mAh Li Battery VX-2R

Li Battery for VX2R3.7 Volt 1000mAh Lithiun ion battery for Yaesu VX-2R.

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MB-58 Mounting Bracket for Remote Head on IC-208H & IC-ID800

remote head bracket for IC208HMB58 mounting bracket for remote head on IC-208H & IC-ID800

Product page

MB-72 Carrying Handle Strap for Icom IC-706

IC706 carry strapIcom MB-72 carrying handle strap for Icom IC-706

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MB-105 Control Head Mounting Bracket for the ICOM IC-7000

mb105 head mounting bracket

The Icom MB-105, IC-7000 control head mounting bracket kit consists of a bracket, lock washer & four black metal screws.

Product Page



Carrying strap for the IC-7000.

Product Page



ARRL Handbook 2010More than 60 authors and reviewers contributed over 70% NEW or completely revised content, making this the biggest handbook ever.

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ARRL Transmitter Hunting

transmitter hunting bookAll the information you need about equipment and techniques for HF and VHF radio direction finding.

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CB Radios

Midland 5001Z Mobile CB

midland 5001zThe 5001Z is a low-cost alternative to the Cobra 25 or Uniden PC66. It has similar features and performance for much less. Unlike most inexpensive CB radios, the 5001 comes with a durable, full-size mic with a heavy duty cord.

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Popular CB Antenna Mounts Now Available WITHOUT Studs

The QRVG locking pliers can be used for a variety of applications. They are popular with truckers who change vehicles often. Can be attached to vertical or horizontal surfaces. More Info

visegrip mount
The TH-GM3 fits in the tiny space between the fender and hood so that the antenna is positioned over the fender. More Info trunk hood gutter mount

SS-274A Hood Mount with Adjustable Angle

hood mount for ham and cb antennasFirestick stainless steel mounting brack fits the gutter of most trunks or hoods. The angle is adjustable so it will fit almost any vehicle.

More Info

SS-294A Stainless Steel Stake Hole Mount
stake hole mount

Firestick stainless steel stake hole mount for pickups.

More Info


OREGON 550 GPS and Camera!

Oregon 550The Garmin Oregon 550 combines rugged outdoor touchscreen navigation with a 3.2 megapixel digital camera. Add high-sensitivity GPS, barometric altimeter, 3-axis electronic compass and microSD™ card slot. The result? A multipurpose device that will make your biggest adventures even more memorable.

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dakota 20 GPSThis rugged, palm-sized navigator combines touchscreen navigation, high-sensitivity GPS with HotFix™ satellite prediction, barometric altimeter, 3-axis electronic compass and microSD™ card slot in one affordable, power-packed punch. Built-in world basemap.

More info

Mapsource EUROPE NT Pre-programmed MicroSD with SD adapter

europe maps on micro SD

Includes millions of KM of road coverage throughout Europe including detailed maps of major metropolitan areas. Will automatically create point-to-point routes in MapSource and on your compatible GPS. Please see details including coverage area on our web site. P/N 0101068050

More Info

Garmin Nuvi Travel Pack

accessory kit

All the accessories you need for a nuvi® when traveling. See our web site for the compatibility list. P/N 0101123000

More info

Garmin Carrying Case

protective case for garminProtect your investment with this universal case that fits all 3.5 & 4.3 inch Garmin units. P/N 0101130501

More Info

Case for Garmin Dakota Handhelds
Dakota case

Protective carrying case for the Garmin Dakota series handheld units. P/N 0101134400

Product Page


BCT15X Trunktracker III Mobile Scanner with GPS Compatibility

bearcat scanner bct15Supports TrunkTracker III systems: Motorola Type I/II/IIi Hybrid, EDACS and LTR analog trunk systems. Stores up to 9,000 channels. Location based scanning when connected to a GPS.

More Info

ICOM RX7 Wide Range Full-Coverage Scanner

icom rx7 continuous coverage scanner

Tunes from 150kHz to 1300MHz with no breaks in coverage. AM, FM Narrow and FM wide. Built-in CTCSS/DTCS decode.

More info

BC-370CRS Desktop AM/FM Radio/Scanner

bearcat scanner bc370crsThe perfect bedside radio. It's a clock radio with scanner and weather alert.

More Info

Lighter Plug Adapters for GRE and Uniden Handheld Scanners

lighter plug adapter

DURPSR A very tough-to-find adapter for the new GRE PSR100, PSR300 and PSR500 handheld scanners

DURUNI for late model Uniden/Bearcat scanners that operate on 6VDC only. Works with BC72, BC95, BC246, BC346, BCD396XT.


FR-600 Full-Featured Emergency Radio

fr600 emergency radioAM, FM, and shortwave radio with NOAA weatherband with alert function. Can be powered 4 different ways so it's always ready when you need it. Built-in flashlight and siren.

More Info

Digital TV

ANT-2190 UHF HDTV Beam Antenna

ant2086 four bay hdtv antennaExcellent gain in a compact antenna. 15 elements.

More Info

ANT-2086 Four-Bay UHF HDTV Antenna

grundig g8 shortwave

One of our most popular (and affordable) HDTV antennas.

More info


mediumwave loopThis HDTV signal booster has quickly become our favourite. Offers 18 dB gain so you might end up picking up a few extra stations.

More Info

DGA6246 "J" Pipe Mount

j-pipe mount for hdtv antennaNo need for a tower. The mount works on vertical, horizontal and sloped surfaces.

More Info

DGA6695 Thin Coax Cable for Tight Spaces

flat patch cablePass this cable through a window or under a door to avoid drilling holes.

Product Page

DGA66951 Ultra Flat Coax Patch Cord

grundig g8 shortwave Are you renting a home or apartment and can't drill holes through the building? Need a temporary setup? Use this ultra thin flexible cable to pass through windows or under doors. It's less than a millimetre thick so in most cases, additional weatherstripping will not be required.

Product Page

Channel Master Screw-In Standouts

screw-in standoutUse the Channel Master 3071 3.5" standouts to run your coax or twinlead cable for a more professional looking installation.

More Info

Channel Master Mast Pipe Standouts

standout for mast pipe

Use the Channel Master 3072 standouts to run your coax or twinlead cable down your mast pipe for a more professional looking installation.

Product Page

Roof/Attic Mount

screw-in standoutThe Channel Master 3078 Roof/Attic mount fits antenna masts up to 1-1/2 inch diameter.

More Info

Universal Ground Strap

universal ground clamp

A fast and easy-to-use ground strap is perfect for use on the roof because there are no parts to fall off. Works even when the pipe is against a building.

Product Page

VH-102B 20-Pack Coax Cable Clip

mediumwave loopKeep your installation looking neat with these clips. Now available in a 20 piece package.

More Info

DGA60122 Compression Connector for RG6

grundig g8 shortwave

A high-quality compression connector for RG-6 coaxial cable.

More info

Miscellaneous Power Supplies

ANT-9001 High Performance WiFi Antenna

satellite phone bundleExtend the range of your WiFi setup or find new WiFi hotspots. Rugged design for permanent outdoor use.

More Info

JT-PS30M Ultra Compact 30A Power Supply

JTPS30Similar in size and appearance to the Alinco DM-330MVT but sells for a much lower price! Powerful enough to run most HF rigs yet small and light enough to take to the cottage or on DX'peditions.

More info

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