What's New at Durham Radio - September 1st, 2009

Amateur Radio

Alinco DJG7 Compact Tri-Band HT

djg7tCovers 2 meters, 440 and 1.2 GHz and all in a compact package. Full duplex operation is supported on any two bands. Features wideband receive from 530 kHz to 1299.995 MHz (less cellular) in AM/FM/WFM modes.

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Jetstream 222 MHz Monoband

JT220MThe JT220M is a 50 Watt, 222 MHz Monoband transceiver with extended RX from 216.000-280.000 MHz. CTCSS/DTS Encode/Decode and tone burst are built-in.

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Yaesu FT250R 2m HT

6 metre handbookA compact design with a top mounted LCD display. Built-in CTCSS and DCS encode/decode. Backlit keypad. 5/2/0.5W (@ 7.2 V DC)

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Yaesu FT270R Submersible 2m HT

FT-270RFeatures a large front-facing LCD, 200 memory channels, CTCSS and DCS encode/decode. 5W output. Strong 800mW audio amp for noisy environments.

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Yaesu FT1900R 55W Rugged 2m Mobile


200 memories, backlit mic, display and front panel keys. Keyboard entry of frequencies directly from microphone


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Yaesu FT7900R Dual Band Mobile with WX


1000 memories plus 5 one-touch memories. 50 watts on 2 meters and 45 watts on 430 MHz. CTCSS and DCS Encode/Decode.

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PALSTAR AT500 600 Watt Differential Tuner


Covering 160 to 6 Meters, the AT-500 features a differential tuning capacitor with 2 stators and 1 rotor, a precision ceramic body roller inductor, and a 4:1 ferrite current balun for balanced line feeds.

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Clearspeech Mobile DSP Noise Reduction Amplified Speaker

DSP noise reduction speaker

The CLRSPKR is a small loudspeaker containing a ClearSpeech® adaptive noise reduction circuit and audio amplifier. It is ideal for mobile radio operation. Noise reduction is superb. The DSP passes the voice and CW sounds, while attenuating noise, such as hum, hiss, whistles, static.

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Protection for Your DC Products

The West Mountain PWRGUARD protects the radio, the power supply and the battery from damage. It is an automatic safety switch that is inserted between a power source and the load. It switches OFF whenever the voltage is over 15 volts or under 11.5 volts.

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PG40S 12 volt Backup Power System

Rigblaster PG40S

The Rigblaster PG40S can supply up to 40 amperes continuously from either a power supply or a battery, and can also charge the battery with its high performance charger. Instantly switches your gear to battery during a power blackout or power supply failure.

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MFJ-335BT 5 Inch Magnet for 3/8-24 Antennas

magnet mount

Super strong 5 inch diameter base weighs a husky 2-1/2 pounds. For medium to large size antennas with 3/8-24 threading.

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Quick Reference Guide for Yaesu VX-8R

pocket reference

Ther POCKETVX8R is a handy 248 page (2.75" x 4.25") pocket reference that covers just about every aspect of the VX8R. An extensive index with cross referenced pages helps you quickly find the info you need.

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ADMSVX8USB Programming Kit for the VX-8R

vx-8r programming cableIncludes software and USB cable for programming your VX8R. For Windows 2000, XP or Vista (32 or 64 bit).

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BTK4 Bluetooth Kit for VX-8R

RigRunner 4004USBIncludes adapter unit, headset, battery and charging cradle and charger.

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Yaesu G450A Medium Duty Rotor

Medium dury yaesu rotorPermanently lubricated to insure maintenance-free operation under all climate conditions. Check the complete specs for details.

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Maldol HVU8 Compact HF/VHF/UHF

ARRL Repeater DirectoryDeveloped for confined and restricted space installations like apartments and condominiums or for temporary or portable use. About half the traditional height and weight of HF vertical antennas. It includes 80/40/20/15/10/6/2M/70cm bands.

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SBB224NMO Tri-Band Mobile Antenna for 146/220/446MHz


  • 146MHz 2.15dBi 1/4 wave
  • 220MHz 3.5dBi 5/8 wave
  • 446MHz 6.0dBi 5/8 wave x 2
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 or less
  • Max Power: 100 watts
  • Length: 36”
  • Connector: NMO

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Alpha Delta 2 & 4 Position Antenna Switches

alpha delta antenna switch

These switches are rated at 1500 watts PEP and offer extremely low loss, excellent precision and isolation. The "B" series offers numerous improvements over the original switchs.

Two Position

Four Position

Comet Duplexers and Triplexers

Comet manufactures a wide selection of Duplexers and Triplexers to allow you to mate your modern transceiver to multiple antennas.
comet duplexer
Model Split


HF-440/1.2 GHz


CFX431B 1.3-150MHz

BUX802136 136' Multiband 80 - 2 Meters

hf wire antenna

The Buxcomm 802136 antenna is completely assembled, ready to connect your coax, and erect.

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JTFT1 Footswitch

An economical alternative to expensive foot switches. Connects to 1/4" or RCA jack with included adapters.

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Replacement Ring for NMO Mount


Larsen replacement ring for your NMO mount.

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AM/FM Radios Power Supplies

CRANE CC Radio 2

c crane ccradio2Version two of this radio features even better AM reception and the addition of the 2-Meter Ham Band. (TV band has been removed)

Choose Silver or Black

Pyle Power Supplies power supply

Pyle updates the look of the Pyramid power supplies with lighter colours. (Durham Radio recommends choosing a power supply that can provide at least 25% more than your station's requirements.)

PSL142 - 12 Amp Constant, 14 Amp Surge
PSL262 - 22 Amp Constant 26 Amp Surge
PSL36 - 32 AMP Constant/ 35 AMP Surge
PSL522X - 40 AMP Constant/50 AMP Surge


ARRL World Grid Locator Atlas

ARRL World GridContains all 32,400 Maidenhead locator squares.

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ARRL Grid Locator

USA Grid Locator

Grid Locator North America 12 x 18 Folded Heavy Stock Paper.

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Two Way Radios and Scanners for Dummies

for dummies bookThis handy guide tells you about the equipment you need, fills you in on radio etiquette, shows you how to stay legal, and gives you lots of cool ideas for family-friendly radio activities.

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HF Antenna Collection

hf antenna collection book

Outstanding antenna articles from RSGB's Radio Communication 1968-1989.

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CB Radios Marine

DM-996 Dual Mirror Mount Kit with FME Ends

mirror mount kitNo soldering required. Low-loss FME connectors are crimped on the ends of the cable and can easily fit through existing cable holes. The included mirror mounts fit the FME connectors.

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Fixed Mount VHF Marine Transceiver icom marin radio

Submersible to IPX-7 standard. Built-in 30 Watt hailer with four foghorn patterns. Can be connected to an external GPS and GPS location can be shared with other ships.

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NUVI 465T Wide Screen Truck Navigator

nuvi 755TDesigned specifically for the over-the-road trucking industry. Featuring a preloaded NTTS Breakdown Directory, specialized routing options throughout the lower 48 states and truck friendly points of interest, this full-featured navigator was made for life on the road.

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Garmin ZUMO 660 Motorcycle GPS

zumo 660 gps

Features a glove-friendly intuitive interface with large buttons and left-handed control. The built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology allows you to answer calls without taking off your gloves!

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Garmin Topo Canada on DVD with Basecamp

nuvi 755TCoverage of major trails, urban and rural roads, and highways, as well as national, regional and local parks, forests and wilderness areas. BaseCamp, included only on the DVD, allows you to view and manage waypoints, routes and tracks on your computer and GPS

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Garmin nuMaps Onetime Update

mape update

Update your existing North America City Navigator NT DVD or GPS Software to Version 2010 with this DVD. This update DVD is for NT products only! P/N GAR0101098902

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Garmin Topo Ontario Pre-Programmed Micro SD

topo maps on micro sdCoverage of major trails, urban and rural roads, and highways, as well as national, regional and local parks, forests and wilderness areas. Includes SD adapter.

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Bracket Mount for Nuvi 200 Series

nuvi 200 bracket

This part is a replacement for the bracket that holds the Nuvi 200-series GPS from Garmin.

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Trakmap Digital Topo Maps of Ontario

trakmap ontario

Most up to date topographic information available on the market. Highest resolution and best scale detail. DVD. These maps are on Micro SD with SD adapter.

Trak-565 DVD

Trak-570 MicroSD with SD adapter

Micro/SD Memory for GPS, Cameras & MP3 Players


Inexpensive MicroSD with adapters. High transfer speed.

Dane 2GB
Dane 4GB


BCD996XT Trunking Scanner with GPS Support and APCO-25

bearcat scannerA state-of-the-art scanner radio with Trunk Tracker IV™ and automatic scanning capabilities.

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TG-SP Glass Mount Scanner Antenna

glass mount scanner antenna

A 27" glass mount scanner antenna. Good VHF/UHF coverage.

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Grundig G3

grundig G3 synchronous detectionAn innovative portable radio covering long wave, AM, FM, continuous shortwave plus the VHF aircraft band. 700 channel memory system, synchronous detection and RDS.

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Grundig G8

grundig g8 shortwave

The Grundig G8 is an analog radio with a digital display. It features a rotary dial that allows you to quickly switch timezones. A handy feature for world travelers.

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Digital TV

TV Distribution Amp

tv distribution ampVHF/UHF Amplifier 50-900MHz. Helps pull in weak TV signals.

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Antennacraft TDP-2 Antenna Rotor

grundig g8 shortwave

Can handle a large TV antenna or most Amateur VHF or UHF beams with plenty of torque to break thru heavy ice loads. Strong, machine-cut gears that won't bind. Brake pads hold firm to prevent high wind damage.

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ANT2104 42 Element Directional UHF HDTV Antenna

mediumwave loopThis UHF antenna features high gain across the UHF band and is easy to ship and mount due to it's design.

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Ground Wire

grundig g8 shortwave

Protect your home from lightning by grounding your antenna system. Green weather resistant plastic cover with 14AWG solid copper core.

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Miscellaneous Internet Radio

Satellite Phone Bundle

satellite phone bundleBundle Satellite Phone Kit with GSP1600 Phone, Car Kit, Data Kit & Privacy Handset

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WiFi Internet Radio

kaito wifi radio Get access to more than 11,000 radio stations around the world with no subscription fees. Features WiFi network scanning for easy connection. D/MMC memory card slot for playing your favorite MP3 music.

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