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Amateur Radio

Yaesu VX8R Accessories Now in Stock

vx-8rThe Yaesu VX-8R is one of the hottest portables on the market today. We now have many of the accessories you need to get the most out of your VX8R. Scroll down to the bottom of the VX8R page to see the list of accessories.

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RigRunner DC Power Distribution with USB

RigRunner 4004USBThe RigRunner RR4004USBC features four always on PowerPole outlets (40 amps total) plus two USB Ports for charging MP3 Players, iPods & any device that charges from a USB port.

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6 metre handbookA precise introduction for operators who have yet to experience the band, and is the perfect reference for regulars eagerly awaiting the return of the sunspots.

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ARRL Repeater Book 2010

ARRL Repeater DirectoryThe LDG IT-100 is the ideal tuner for your IC-7000. First, it matches up to 10:1 SWR (3:1 on 6 metres), so just about anything you can feed with coax is good to go.

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Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Book

basic study guide

Goes far beyond providing the information required to pass the Industry Canada examination, with everything you will need to know about setting up a station and becoming an Amateur Radio Operator.


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CTC50M Flat Coax Jumper

flat coax for under windows

This exciting new product allows you to get your antenna coax into the radio room without drilling holes in the wall or leaving a window/door open. Great for temporary setups! This item is coming soon. Order now to guarantee delivery from our first shipment.

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Z100Plus Autotuner 1.8 to 54 MHz


Replaces the hugely popular LDG Z100. Improvements include reduced current draw, and a metal case. An internal frequency counter has been added so the operating frequency is stored with the tuning parameters to make memory tunes a blazingly fast 0.1 seconds..

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Power Supply with Battery Backup Feature

power supply with battery backup

The JTPS14BCM is a lightweight 12A power supply featuring a set of terminals for connection to an external battery, thereby creating an uninterrupted power source should the power fail. Ideal for emergency stations or anywhere reliable DC power is needed.

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Icom IC7200 All Mode HF & 6m Transceiver

A robustly-built 100W amateur transceiver providing coverage of HF amateur bands plus 6 meters. Built-in DSP and digital twin passband tuning.

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LDG YT100 for Most Yaesu


The LDG YT100 interfaces with your FT857, FT897 and FT-100 (including all D models) with the included CAT cable. No extra power cables are needed. Tune directly from the tune button on the tuner!

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4.5" Meter for IC-7700


The LDG M7700 S-meter on receive, or power out, SWR, ALC level or supply voltages, all selectable from the rig’s setup menu.The virtual meter on your radio can be set to display a different attribute than this external meter.

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4.5" Meter for the FT857 and FT897

two meter mobile mag mount

The LDG FTL-METER is a highly readable 4.5 inch meter face with calibrated scales for signal strength and discriminator reading on receive, and power output, SWR, modulation, ALC action and supply voltage on transmit. Each function is selectable from the radio's menu.

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GPS Marine

Garmin Nuvi 755T

nuvi 755TThis advanced navigator comes with premium features including 3-D building view, photo navigation, faster screen redraws, route planning, emergency and car locators and much more. Includes lifetime traffic subscription which allows you to avoid tie-ups and reduce travel times.

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Inexpensive 8' VHF Marine Antenna

marine radio antenna

The MFV8 VHF fibreglass marine antenna includes the mount, coax and connector.

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Two New Uniden/Bearcat Scanners

Uniden has upgraded two of it's most popular handheld scanners and added a host of new features. The new BC346XT and BCD396XT replace the popular BC346 and 396. Click on the images below to visit the respective product page.

bcd346xt bcd396
Trunking APCO25

GRE New Scanner Lineup Now Available

GRE's new scanner lineup consists of the most basic scanners right up to advanced digital trunking units for the most demanding scanner enthusiast! Click on the images below to visit the respective product page.

PSR100 & 200 PSR300 & 400 PSR500 & 600
psr100psr200 psr300psr400 psr500psr600
Basic Scanners Trunking Scanners Digital Trunking Scanners

AM/FM Digital TV

AN200 Mediumwave Loop Antenna

mediumwave loopThe Kaito tuneable passive loop significantly improves mediumwave reception. Costs less than other loops with similar performance.

Use with direct wire connection or wirelessly for radios without AM antenna input.

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Analog TV is Ending in the USA

On June 12, 2009 Analog TV will be phased out in the USA. If you use a TV antenna with an older TV set and live in a border town, you will lose your USA stations!

The new digital signals look great and if you have a new TV with a built-in ATSC tuner, your old TV antenna or even a set of "rabbit ears" will receive the new digital channels. You might be impressed enough to say goodbye to your cable or satellite provider!

If you have an older set, you'll need a converter. For more info on these FREE digital over-the-air signals, and to see the other products we carry in this category, click HERE.

Specialty Radios Shortwave

BLACKBOX Passive Ariband Receiver

blackbox avionics receiverThis unique aircraft band near-field receiver is completely passive and can even be used on an airplane.

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DE1123AM/FM/SW + MP3 Record/Play

spot personal tracking mountThis subcompact AM/FM/Shortwave radio features a built-in recorder/player yet weighs in at just 3 ounces! You can record directly from the radio or "live" via the integrated microphone.

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